Sweet Tooth Blythe Doll

OOAK Custom Blythe Doll: SWEET TOOTH (Gus) w/Accessories & Wooden Stand

Handcrafted 12" Blythe Doll
I specialize in custom Blythe dolls. All dolls are uniquely designed and individually handcrafted. This is a (re-rooted mohair) strawberry-blonde Neo Blythe with a factory base 1/6 Ball Jointed body. This doll has been modified/customized and is not factory perfect.
Story- Meet Gus
The original Gus character is based off the comic series Sweet Tooth. This doll, however, has been styled after Gus on the Netflix Show "Sweet Tooth". Gus is one of the new wave of hybrid children born after the cataclysmic pandemic with animal DNA; with the traits of a deer, Gus has a set of antlers on his head. Raised in total isolation all his life, Gus is forced to seek new shelter after his father's death.
The following modifications have been made to this doll:
    • Mohair re-root.
    • Carved nose & lips, apoxie sculpt was added to the nose to add a broader appearance.
    • Face painted with pastel, watercolor/pencil, and mica pigments.
    • Make-up is fixed with flat varnish with a UF filter, and lips are covered with a glossy varnish.
    • Eye chips have been replaced with uniquely designed hand-crafted glass chips, one set glows in the dark.
    • Sleepy Eyes, replaced lashes, eye correction, and matte finish to acrylic painted eyelids. 
    • The neck has been modified with a neck joint, which has been installed for head tilting.
    • Pull cords are decorated with wooden beads and sealed with shellac. The bottom of each pull string has a charm, one is a gas mask, and the other is a key. Both charms are symbolic of Gus’s story.
    • He has deer ears made out of thermal plastic, which were painted and have faux fur on them. The ears are attached with crazy glue to the back face plate. The antlers are a combination of resin and apoxie sculpt. The antlers are drilled into and attached to the scull cap with screws. They were painted with acrylic and sealed with a matte finish.       
    • The doll's outfit was made to resemble the one he wore on the show, it includes; a pair of hand-crafted tattered jeans, a rope belt, an undershirt, a flannel shirt, a vest, a belt with a plastic buckle,  a side carry pouch, a pair of boots, a backpack and a plush stuffed animal (Dog). The clothes have been aged to match Gus' tattered look. 
    • He also comes with a 7” x 5” wooden stand sealed with shellac.  The stand has been decorated with: gravel bits, a small tree branch made to look like a log, a small bird, 2 apoxie sculpted mushrooms, a plastic bush with purple flowers, and a plastic stand.  The bottom of the stand has been lined with faux leather.
NOTE: This is an art doll and should be handled with care. Doll parts will not be replaced if you brake them. Carefully brush re-roots, as excessive hair could come out if not brushed gently. Please inform me upon delivery of a problem. Colors may vary slightly based on your display screen. Various lights were used for photos, including natural, incandescent, blue-tinted, and fluorescent lighting. All purchases are final. 
I can be contacted at any time through eBay messages if you have any questions, comments, or product requests. I typically respond within 48 hours and I do my best to help out! I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns! I like being sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.
 Colors may vary slightly based on your display screen. Various lights were used for photos, including natural, incandescent, blue-tinted, and fluorescent lighting.
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